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Driving the Environment
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EV Britain – Driving the Environment

Climate Change and Air Pollution and the Vehicle Emissions that contribute to it by Britain’s Road Transport System has had a major impact on Britain today, damaging our Environment and the Health and Wellbeing of our Nation.

Driving the Environment

Driving the Environment is our initiative to help Britain’s Business and Consumers to change from driving Polluting fossil fuel Vehicles to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs).

Driving our Roadmap

Our Roadmap sets out for the Decarbonisation of Britain’s Road Transport System by the removal of Harmful fossil fuel Commercial and Domestic Polluting Vehicles from Britain’s Roads.

Driving Air Quality

Millions of people die every year from poor Air Quality caused by Pollution from fossil fuel vehicles generating toxic greenhouse gases and nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Driving Health

The World Health Organisation (WHO) British Lung Foundation (BLF) and Asthma UK all recognise that Vehicle Emissions is largely responsible for poor Air Quality.

Driving Innovation

Driving Innovation and Technology will bring Vehicle Emissions under control and Accelerate Britain’s Transition to a Net Zero Emissions Clean Economy.

Driving our Planet

Our Planet is on an unsustainable path and we are working to improve Air Quality, Environmental Health and to avert a Climate Change Disaster.

Driving Legislation

In November 2020, the UK Government took the historic step towards Net Zero Emissions with the end of sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and vans to be fully Zero Emission at the tailpipe from 2035.

Driving Change

EV Britain would like our Government to go further by providing subsidies and abolish VAT on Zero Emissions Transport and Clean Energy.

EV Britain – Under the Microscope

We are Driven by the Environment not Profit

  • We provide a Free EV Recommendation Service.
  • We Recommend Zero Emission Vehicles and Solutions.
  • Working to De- Carbonise Britain’s Road Transport.
  • Working to Accelerate Britain’s Transition to Net Zero.
  • Working to improve People’s Health and Wellbeing.
  • Working for Britain’s Future Generations.

We’re not in the Business of Selling Vehicles

  • We’re not a Dealership, Franchise, Broker or Comparison site.
  • We are Totally Independent and Brand Neutral.
  • Working Smart and Online to reduce Carbon Footprint.
  • Working on behalf of Clients who favours Change.
  • We use our Brand, Industry Knowledge and Expertise.
  • Working with Leading Zero Emission Automotive Companies.
  • We negotiate with Companies both locally and Nationally.

EV’s for Britain’s Road Transport System

  • EV’s for Britain’s Commercial Sector.
  • EV’s for Britain’s Business Fleets.
  • EV’s for Britain’s Consumer Sector.
  • EV’s that are Fit for Purpose.
  • EV’s that deliver Value for Money.
  • EV’s that are Good for the Environment.
  • EV Charging and Clean Energy Solutions.

EV Free Recommendation Service for Britain

Recommending EV’S for Britain’s Business and Consumers.

EV Britain are not in the Business of Selling Vehicles

EV Britain are an EV Recommendation Business driven by the Environment not Profit, Targets or Stock.

We are not in the Business of Selling Vehicles we Recommend Vehicles that are in our opinion fit for purpose, deliver value for money and are good for the Environment.

EV Initiative – Free Online Service

EV Britain is a free online initiative recommending Zero Emission vehicles that meet stringent Zero Carbon Emission demands.

We qualify client’s enquiries then work with leading Commercial Vehicle and Car Dealerships, Manufacturers and Independents to find clients the Best Deals.

EV Brand Neutral – Totally Independent

EV Britain are not a Commercial Vehicle, Car Dealership, Franchise, Broker or Comparison Site we are totally Independent and Brand Neutral.

We assert no Sales Pressure or Influence on Clients at any time and the choice to proceed or defer is theirs without prejudice.

EV Best Deals – Negotiating the bigger Picture

We focus on the bigger picture when it comes to Environmental Negotiation and Best Deals.

We use the strength of our brand, Industry Knowledge and Business Experience to get clients the best EV Deals and Solutions.

EV Keeping it Simple – Breaking with Convention

EV Britain are breaking with convention when it comes to EV by keeping it Simple and Online.

  • Specification
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Service Costs
  • Colour
  • Price

Through our EV Initiative we can also give Clients a warm introduction to the selected Company or Companies of their choice.

EV Experience

EV’s are exciting to drive and a whole new driving experience so we help Clients make sure they are fit for their purpose.

EV Britain can arrange a Commercial Demonstrator for Business, test drive, short-term hire or arrange a completely free no obligation driving experience.

EV Britain – Winning Environmental Combination 

EV Britain and our Sister Company Clean Air Britain can help Clients to get a ‘Winning Environmental Combination’.

EV Britain Bundle

We not only Recommend the Best EV’s for Clients, we deliver Plug-in-Britain Charging, Clean Energy, Battery Storage and EV to Grid (EV2G) solutions in one simple EV Bundle.

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Electric car plug Electric car plug

EV Clean Energy Drivelines

There are currently only 2 Clean Energy Zero Tailpipe Emissions EV Drivelines available:

Clean Energy – Battery Powered EV (BEV)

Need to be charged which we promote under our Brand Plug-in-Britain

Plug-in-Britain – Battery EV (BEV) Zero Emission

Powered by an electric propulsion powertrain (electric motor) used to drive the wheels and the power comes from Rechargeable Batteries that need charging. They generate ZERO TAILPIPE EMISSIONS have a range of approximately 200 – 300 miles and are exempt from Clean Air Zone charges and first year road tax.

Clean Energy – Fuel Cell Powered EV (FCEV)

Need Hydrogen fuel which we promote under our Brand Plug-free-Britain

Plug-free-Britain – Fuel Cell EV (FCEV) Zero Emission

Powered by an electric propulsion powertrain (electric motor) used to drive the wheels and the power comes from Fuel Cell Technology which needs Hydrogen fuel. They generate ZERO TAILPIPE EMISSIONS have a range of approximately 250 – 300 miles and are exempt from Clean Air Zone charges and first year road tax.

Zero Emissions Vehicles

Plug-in-Britain (BEV) and Plug-free-Britain (FCEV) are Vehicles that emit Zero Emissions from the tailpipe into the atmosphere which is vital for People’s Health and Wellbeing, the Environment and Climate. Each electric vehicle that displaces a conventional ICE vehicle saves approximately 1.5 tons of CO2 per year.


Hybrids are a half-way house move toward EV’s with Zero Tailpipe Emissions. Plug in and Plug Free Hybrid Vehicles combining a conventional internal combustion engine system with an electric propulsion powertrain are designed to give better fuel economy and performance. Hybrids are often advertised as “Pure Electric” however this only applies when the vehicle is in Electric mode. (PHEV) are mostly driven using their Combustion Engine using more fossil fuel and generating more greenhouse gas emissions and Air Pollution.

Plug in Hybrid (PHEV)

Use an Internal Combustion Engine powered by Petrol or Diesel fossil fuel with batteries which needs to be charged. When the batteries are dead it automatically switches to the traditional Internal Combustion Engine. Plug in Hybrids may drive for 10 – 50 miles using Electric from batteries before they start using petrol or diesel fuel.

Self-Charging Hybrid (SCHEV)

Use an Internal Combustion Engine powered by Petrol or Diesel fossil fuel with self-charging batteries which cannot be charged. Self-Charging Hybrids have a small electric motor and small batteries and cannot travel far on electric power alone.

Mild Hybrid

A Mild Hybrid car is like a Self-Charging Hybrid car, but with a smaller battery. The battery is there to help the petrol or diesel engine perform more economically and you cannot drive on battery power alone. Mild Hybrid cars only use their electric motors to support the engine during acceleration and cruising.

Hybrids in Clean Air Zones

Hybrids are not exempt from Clean Air Zone charges and are subject to Euro 6 and Euro 4 standard Clean Air Zone charges.

How can EV Britain help?

We are here to help Britain’s Business and Consumers to find the right EV, Service or Solution.

If its online why do you need a telephone number?

We Qualify each enquiry by a short phone conversation with our clients.

Our reputation is paramount to our success and we make sure that enquiries will not damage our credibility with Manufacturers and Suppliers who we work with.

Data Protection

Clients data is and remains confidential and will not be shared with any other party withour the clients full approval.

We do not share your details until you are happy for us to involve other parties.

Our Recommendation

We will provide you with Our Recommendation based on current and future EV’s, Services or Solutions.

Our Recommendation is driven by Zero Emission Commercial and Consumer EV’s that are in our opinion Fit for Purpose, Value for Money and Good for the Environment.

If you dont like Our Recommendation?

No problem, we try our best.

If our recommendation is not right for you or you are thinking about different options just let us know and we will try again but more importantly please dont give up making the switch to Zero Emissions EV.

EV Britain Process

EV Interest
Once we have clearly identified the Commercial or Consumer EV’s of interest based on Our Recommendation or not, we can arrange a Demonstrator or Test Drive experience on behalf of our Clients.

EV Experience
In order for us to arrange an EV Experience, we will need approval to share your data with the relevant Companies in accordance with our Data Protection policy.

EV Deal
Once Clients have selected the EV of their choice and if requested to do so, we will Negotiate the best deal we can on their behalf.

EV Britain – Engage

If you would like to use our Free Recommendation service, simply complete our contact form and submit. We aim to respond within 48 hours by email to arrange a convenient time for us to call you.

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