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The Environmental benefits of driving Zero Emission Vehicles and the added benefits of Charging EV and Fuelling EV from Sustainable Clean Energy will reduce further total emissions and carbon footprint.


Plug in Britain ‘Powering the Environment’ is our initiative to bring EV Zero Charging Innovations and solutions to Homes and Businesses across Britain.


Plug free Britain ‘Fuelling the Environment’ is our initiative to bring EV Zero Fuelling Innovations and Solutions to Homes and Businesses across Britain.

EV Benefits

  • Better for the Environment with Zero Tailpipe Emissions.
  • Better for People’s Health and Wellbeing.
  • Helping to Avert a Climate Change Disaster.
  • No more Fossil Fuel Petrol or Diesel Pollution.
  • Plug-in-Britian avoids trips to Petrol Stations
  • Cheaper to Maintain with no Engine parts and Oil.
  • Taxation Benefits for both Business and Personal.
  • Grants and Incentives to switch to an EV.
  • Grants available to install Charge Points.

EV Consumer Knowledge

We surveyed a small cross section of our people to test their knowledge and understanding of EV and asked one simple question.

Q. Would you buy an EV?

  • No
  • Do you mean an Electric Vehicle.
  • Not there yet and too expensive.
  • Is that one of those that you plug in.
  • No, I would be scared to run out of fuel.
  • Can you carry a spare battery.
  • No good for long distances.
  • If they were the same price as normal cars perhaps.
  • No chance only just managed to get enough money for a banger.
  • They take too long to charge.
  • When the batteries die the car is finished.
  • How long do the batteries last.
  • If I get there can I get back.
  • No charging infrastructure for Electric in Britain yet.
  • I might buy a Hybrid next until the technology is sorted.
  • They still need petrol or diesel, don’t they.
  • Not after reading about materials and labour used to produce them.
  • Still get emissions so I dont know what the government is on about.
  • Yes I just wished I could afford one.
  • Yes it would be daft to buy a Petrol or Diesel now.
  • Yes cannot wait EV is real fun to drive and is the future.

Our Findings

Consumers are still very confused when it comes to EV and with our help we can steer them in the right direction.

Think EV before you Buy – Example

Example – We were talking to a Sales Manager who had just taken delivery of his new Company Car. He had a healthy budget and went for a stunning looking 2ltr Diesel SUV with all the gizmos costing £42,000 without even considering EV. We asked him why not? He said he never thought about EV as he believed they were too expensive and no good for business with charging and all that? He said that the Dealership didnt even mention EV as an option, EV was never discussed?  When we explained that a more environmentally friendly simular Plug-in-Britain Hybrid version was available at £44,000 with all the benefits of EV to him, his Company and the Environment he agreed that he had probably made the wrong choice. We now have another Fossil Fuel polluting Vehicle on Britain’s roads for the next 10 years.

Claim Capital Allowances – You can claim capital allowances when you buy assets that you keep using in your business, for example: business vehicles, for example cars vans or lorries. You can deduct some or all the value of the item from your profits before you pay tax. Visit https://www.gov.uk/capital-allowances

EV Commercial Business

Business is very aware of the inevitable need to change to Zero Emissions Clean Transport, reduce costs and meet customer expectations. Business are now making the commitment to Net Zero Emissions vehicles which is vital to the British Economy as they play such an important part in powering our essential services.

EV Driveline Commercial Adoption

(FCEV) for heavy payloads and public transport and (BEV) for local courier and trade.

EV Power of Customers

The power of customers is also driving the change to Zero Emissions Road Transport. In the future Customers will expect goods to be transported and delivered by Environmentally friendly Road Transport.

EV Tipping Point

Innovation and Technology are driving down price and increasing range which means EV’s are now within reach of customers expectations.

EV New Brands and Opportunity

EV Innovation and Technology will see the arrival of new players in the market. There will be new Technology Companies entering the Automotive Industry and Britain’s Road Transport System. Household names who today provide, designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

EV Virtual Stores

Although trips to Dealer Showrooms today are a good experience for customers, it will not be sustainable for many Car Dealerships in the future as margins will be under more pressure from Online Sales. Our view on the future of Commercial and Consumer vehicle sales will move from the conventional distribution sales networks and car dealer showrooms of today to virtual digital sales stores of the future.

  • Environmentally friendly – Online, Carbon footprint.
  • Efficient – Click and Collect + Click and Deliver Service.
  • Flexible – Global Access 24/7
  • Faster – Find, Review, Test, Purchase easy process.
  • Professional – Breaking with convention.
  • Reducing Waste – Paper and files.
  • Driving down Costs – for Dealers and Clients

EV Sales and Service

Customers will still need that human touch when it comes to the buying cycle, but it will come at the end of the buying process. After Sales Service will make the real difference and there will be greater emphasis on Service Hubs to drive new business and retain customers.

EV Try Before you Buy

EV’s are exciting to drive and a whole new driving experience but you need to make sure they are fit for your purpose so you need to try before you buy. EV Britain can arrange a Commercial Demonstrator for Business, test drive, short-term hire or arrange a completely free no obligation driving experience.

EV Charging

EV Charging from Sustainable Clean Energy such as Solar will reduce further emissions and carbon footprint. EV Zero Charging Innovations and solutions will be needed and Plug in Britain is our initiative to bring Clean Energy EV Charging to Homes and Businesses across Britain.

EV Charging in the Future

In the future you will be able to drive onto a special plate or space and the car will charge wirelessly through a process known as inductive charging .

EV Battery Inactivity

If you are going on holiday or leaving your EV parked for a long period of inactivity there is no need to worry Electric cars can handle extended periods of inactivity very well.

EV Battery Life

Innovation and Technology are developing Batteries for EV’s with a life span of 10 – 20 years before they need to be replaced.

EV Charge Points

We can arrange for leading state of the art OLEV approved (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) now called (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) charging stations and fast charge points to be installed at Business or Home.

EV Charge and filling locator

The best way to find a charge point is through your satellite navigation system on the vehicle which is the most accurate and reliable way to find EV charge points and Hydrogen filling stations.

EV Hydrogen Filling Stations

More Hydrogen filling stations are coming online and there are mobile filling solutions available. We can arrange for Hydrogen Solution Companies to contact you.

EV Servicing

An Electric Vehicle does need servicing at the same intervals as any vehicle and MOT after 3 years but with no emissions test and with fewer parts to test, repairs could be minimal.

EV Breakdown and Towing

EVs should not be towed as they cannot be placed in neutral and the car’s electric motor is mechanically linked to the wheels and so it could cause powertrain damage.

EV Number Plates

The Department for Transport announced in June 2020 that drivers of electric vehicles will now be able to show off their Zero Emissions credentials with a green numberplate.

Only zero emissions EVs in the UK will be eligible to carry one of the new green plates.

EV Safety

EVs undergo the same rogorous safety tests and meet the same safety standards required for conventional vehicles sold in Britain.

EV Road Tax

Road tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is part and parcel of car ownership in the UK. The system is based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions so the lower CO2 the lower you pay in Road Tax.

EV Insurance Costs

Insurance policies will get cheaper and undergo a degree of correction as Zero Emission Vehicles become more mainstream.

EV Regenerative braking 

When you take the foot off the accelerator of an EV it take the wasted energy in the process of slowing a conventional vehicle using the braking system to recharge the car’s batteries. .

Weight and Particulate Matter

Battery Electric vehicles (BEV) are 24% heavier than their conventional counterparts due to battery weight.

Currently Particulate Matter (PM) emissions from Electric vehicle road, tyre and break wear are comparable to conventional transport.

Used and Depreciation

EV’s still lose value over time, so depreciation affects any vehicle but even the second hand market for EV’s is encouraging.


The Automotive Industry is working hard to discover better ways of recycling the vehicles of the future. Currently Manufacturers are required by European law to make sure that vehicles are at least 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable.

Autonomous Vehicles

EV Autonomous Innovation will not require human drivers to control the vehicle. Autonomous or “driverless” EV vehicles combine sensors and software to control, navigate, and drive the vehicle safely.

EV Britain Content and Accurancy

The content contained on the EV Britain website is for general information and designed to help potential Customers make the change to EV’s. The content is based on our opinion which we hope people find beneficial, helpful and useful as they embark on their EV journey. While we make every effort to ensure that the information provided is true and accurate, we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. We would always recommend that Clients compare the information contained on the EV Britain website against other well-known, reputable websites when comparable data is recorded or referred to.

(EV Britain would like to thank LEVC for providing images)

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